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NEXTTV last generation

August, 2007 - new design and features
IPTV (Internet TV) is one of the new part and a new function of our client. You can switch all programs with channel up and down. In ca. 3-5 sec. the new channel is ready to see. A TV channel list is given.
NEXTTV starts directly from the USB Flash Drive or from PC.

Version NEXTTV USB finished:

July, 2006 - Now the client NEXTTV is also applicable on every commercial USB Flash Drive!! The program NEXTTV starts directly from the USB Flash Drive. All information like cover, contents, trailers or films can be loaded immediately on the USB Flash Drive. By every new start of NEXTTV it is automatically checked whether new contents are available and then suitable data become downloaded. Contents are checked, exchanged, extinguished or complemented. With this version NEXTTV is prepared for the mobile application. The program can be begun almost in every commercial PC. Interesting also for the application on external USB hard disks . Make your USB hard disk to a video on demand library. Also here the protection DRM reaches to prevent abuse and unlawful copying!!

NEXTTV BETA Version finished:

APRIL, 2006 - the new version of the client NEXTTV is finished. This for video on Demand suitable KIOSK software selects a XML Playlist, compares available data on changes, loads new cover or trailer of the Playoff Centre and extinguishes old, not more required cover or trailer directly, on the final device of the end customer (PC, STB or handheld). This process occurs automatically and in the background of the real application. The end customer has thus with every new start of the software automatically all new information on his monitor or TV. Now the area of web TV and web radio was also integrated. Also here the interesting transmitters are automatically integrated about a control XML. The tiresome searches for changes or functioning links remain saved thus to the end customer. WEB TV automatically recognises real player and media player Streaming and automatically indicates the suitable Stream in the given player window. Functional badge, like full picture, to courage or sound and quietly remain of it untouched. Up to 300 international television broadcasting stations and approx. 1000 radio stations, can be presented thus about the steering mechanism XML.

CEBIT 2006:

On the CEBIT 06 in Hannover our client software was introduced by a big distributor to various buyers of big commercial chains, discounter and reseller in hall 2. The exceedingly positve resonance encouraged us to finish the client version

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