• Data distribution on IP Multicast networks
    (LAN, WLAN, also one-direction:

  • Data bank applications: Customer data bank

  • Account of services (IP services)



FDS - File Distribution System

Our company solution FDS is a robust file distribution for nets with activated IP Multicast. Typical platforms are, e.g., IP-over-DVB, LAN or WLAN.

Areas of application:

File Distribution ...
on Computer, Set Top Boxes, Videodistribution
at hotels, Video Libraries (Trailer, Movies, Content)
VoD services, digital cinema, electronic film role
For the feature film or the interlude
Information-terminals, distribution of software, software updates
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Our company solution NEXTTV is a surface to the control of various multimedia tools on a PC, on Set Top Boxes or other devices. The program can be begun immediately by pressing an ICON in the desktop surface (PC) or is called directly with an autostart (Set Top Box).

NEXTTV distinguishes itself by an easy use. This stable and interesting software solution can integrate the most different applications. Whether WEB TV, web radio, DVD, photo archives, music libraries, TV, PVR or On Demand services - with NEXTTV you receive a multimedia sitting room solution for your television or PC

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